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Famous United States Scouters
    I have always said Scouting is the program that creates legends. Scouting takes a boy and turns him into a man. It provides the boy with a goal to shoot for. I know many non-believers who think that scouting is a waste of time and that a boy my age should not be involved in such "childish activity". However, as this section will come to show, scouting is not a waste of time. These great Americans were involved in Scouting. Please keep in mind, there are many famous word scouts. this section just breaks down the US famous scouts.

Henry "Hank" Aaron, Baseball Superstar (Boy Scout)
Bill Alexander, U.S. Represnetative from Arkansas (Eagle Scout)
Gary Anderson, U.S. Representative from New York (Eagle Scout)
Neil Armstrong - Astronaut & First Man On The Moon (Eagle Scout)
Charles Bennett, U.S. Representative from Florida (Eagle Scout)
William Bennett, Former Secretary of Education (Eagle Scout)
Bill Bradley, Pro basketball star and U.S. Senator from New Jersey (Eagle Scout)
James Brady, Former Press Secretary to President Reagan (Eagle Scout)
Milton Caniff, Comic Strip Artist "Steve Canyon" (Eagle Scout)
Bill Clinton, U.S. President (Cub Scout)
Walter Cronkite - Journalist, T.V. commentator
Willaim Dannemeyer, U.S. Representative from California (Eagle Scout)
William C. DeVries, M.D., Transplanted first artificial heart (Eagle Scout)
Arthur Eldred, (First Eagle Scout)
Daniel J. Evans, Former US Senator and Governor from the state of Washington (Eagle Scout)
Gerald Ford, 36th President of the U.S. (1st Eagle Scout to become President)
Harrison Ford, Actor (Life Scout)
Murphy J. "Mike" Foster, Governor of Louisiana (Eagle Scout)
Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft (Life Scout)
Richard Gere - Actor
David Hartman, Actor (Life Scout)
Bruce Jenner - Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon (Cub Scout)
John F. Kennedy, U.S. President
James Lovell - Astronaut (Eagle Scout)
Richard Lugar, U.S. Senator from Indiana (Eagle Scout)
J. Willard Marriott, Jr., President, Marriott Corporation (Eagle Scout)
Branford Marsalis, Jazz musician (Life Scout)
Jim Morrison - Rock Legend (Boy Scout)
Sam Nunn, U.S. Senator from Georgia (Eagle Scout)
Merlin Olsen, Actor, Pro Football Player and Sportscaster (Boy Scout)
Ellison Onizuka, Challenger Astronaut (Eagle Scout)
H. Ross Perot, Self Made Billionaire and Presidential Candidate (Eagle Scout)
J.J. Pickle, U.S. Representative from Texas (Eagle Scout)
Samuel Pierce, Former Secreatry of Housing & Urban Development (Eagle Scout)
Eddie Rabbitt, Country/Western singer (Boy Scout)
John Ritter, Actor
Richard Roundtree, Actor (Boy Scout)
Nolan Ryan, Pro Baseball Player
Alberto Salazar, 3-time winner, NYC Marathon (Life Scout)
Harrison Salisbury, Pulizer Prize winning Author (Eagle Scout)
John Schneider, Actor/Singer (Cub Scout)
Willaim Sessions, Former FBI Director (Eagle Scout)
Howard K. Smith, Former ABC-TV commentator (Boy Scout)
Steven Spielberg, Film Director/Producer (Eagle Scout)
Mark Spitz - Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer (Cub Scout)
James Stewart - Actor (Boy Scout)
Wallace Stegner, Pulitzer Prize winning Author (Eagle Scout)
James Stewart, Actor
George Strait - Country/Western Singer (Cub Scout)
Percy Sutton, Chairman of CBS (Eagle Scout)
John Tesh, TV Celebrity (Eagle Scout)
Joe Theisman, Sportscaster, former NFL player (Life Scout)
Peter Ueberroth, Former Commissioner of Baseball (Cub Scout)
Paul Winfield, Actor (Cub Scout)